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Our volunteers are the heart of Fort4Fitness!

Without hardworking helpers, F4F events would not be possible.

The volunteer tasks range from handing out water, stuffing participant bags, providing medical support, course support - and everything in between!

Can you fold shirts? Can you carry heavy things? Can you cheer loudly? We want you!

  • I actually had a cramping issue but continued to ride. I didn’t realize it until I was about to the next SAG stop that the SAG vehicle followed me until I reached the stop!!! That is simply amazing!!!
    Metric Century Participant
  • As always, a great time. Appreciate the Friday packet pickup...everyone at pickup were great, SAG people were great. Appreciated that Outfitters had a place there as I had forgotten to fill my tires before I arrived at the start of race and I was able to stop by their tent and borrow their air pump. Greatly appreciated that.
    36 Mile Participant
  • The SAGs were the best ever. Great drinks , great snacks , peanuts for protein, great energy drinks . Enjoyed everything. All volunteers were outstanding and went above and beyond. Thank you!
    Metric Century Participant