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Corporate Connection Program

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The Corporate Connection Program 

This program provides an opportunity for companies to encourage healthy living and physical activity in its employees. Through the program, companies offer their employees incentive to participate in one or more Fort4Fitness events by covering the cost (or a portion of the cost) of employee registrations.

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Fort4Fitness Corporate Connections Receive:

  • Unique coupon code to be used when registering participants
  • Materials to assist with internal marketing and employee registration
  • Company name/website link listed on the Corporate Connection section of the Fort4Fitness website, as well as other promotional materials

A company can designate who they will allow to use their code: employees only, employees and spouses, friends of employees, etc. F4F sends periodic reports so companies can track code usage.

After the event, F4F will invoice the company. If a company registers at least 20 employees with their code, they'll receive discount pricing!



That is the company's choice! Some offer their discount code only to employees, and others allow family to use it as well.

That's okay! In that case, F4F would invoice your company based on the regular pricing schedule.

  • CASS Housing believes that to be your best, a healthy mind, soul, and body are all necessary. Fort4Fitness encourages our staff and Core Members to set healthy goals and work towards reaching those goals throughout the year. We believe in progress, not perfection. Many of our Core Members participated last year and were so excited to be a part of their community and reach their fitness goals.
    CASS Housing
  • Lutheran Life Villages promotes a healthy lifestyle for not only those that we serve, but also to the employees that we have. We mention "wellness" within our mission statement, and believe that all components of wellness are important, including physical. Therefore, encouragement to gather as an organization and walk, jog, or run the Fort4Ftiness race promotes each employee to become engaged in a physical, social, and emotional way. We are proud to be a company that supports healthy lifestyles in a way to give back to our own program, Rock Steady Boxing that provides Parkinson's diagnosed participants a way to FIGHT BACK!
    Lutheran Life Villages
  • Our employees love taking part in the Fort4Fitness races. Having the races booked out gives them something to look forward to and to keep up their training for.
    Fort Wayne Metals
  • Along with other health and wellness incentives we do throughout the year, the Fort4Fitness Corporate Connection program (Fall Festival specifically) is something that many of employees enjoy and look forward to each year. We pay 100% of the cost to participate, and many love running/walking with their families or work buddies.
    Paul Davis of Northeast Indiana