Race Packet Inserts

Race Packet Insert for Goody Bag

Get your company name or products directly in the hands of the participants at the Fort4Fitness events! Every registered participant will receive a bag at Packet Pick-Up, and you can put small product samples, coupons or brochures inside that bag to represent your business or organization.

Approval Process

The applicant is responsible for supplying the minimum number of inserts or items for their chosen event(s):

Spring Cycle: 1,500

Fall Festival: 8,000

Winter Wonder Dash: 3,000

Email a copy of your ad/flyer/brochure/coupon to info@fort4fitness.org for approval at least 21 days prior to the event, or submit a physical sample to Fort4Fitness at the address below. All race packet materials must be received no later than 10 days before the event.

Pricing for paper inserts:

$250 - Spring Cycle   |   $600 - Fall Festival   |   $300 - Winter Wonder Dash

$750 - Spring Cycle & Fall Festival   |   $850 - Fall Festival & Winter Wonder Dash

$1,000 - all three events

*All physical item giveaways (ex: chapstick, hand sanitizer, sunglasses, etc.) can be included in the goody bags at NO COST. Items will be accepted at Fort4Fitness's discretion.

Address to send physical samples:
6014 Huguenard Rd. Ste. C
Fort Wayne, IN 46818