Corporate Connection

The Corporate Connection Program through Fort4Fitness provides an opportunity for companies to encourage healthy living and physical activity for their employees by giving them incentives for participating in one or more of the Fort4Fitness events. Events include the Spring Cycle, Fall Festival (Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K Walk/Run, 4 Mile Walk/Run, Seniors Marathon, and Kids Marathon), and the Fantasy of Lights 5K and/or Family 2K Walk. All of which are eligible events to count towards a registration for Corporate Connection. 

2018 Corporate Connections:

Spring Cycle

Fall Festival

Fantasy of Lights 5K & 2K

Fort4Fitness Corporate Connection receive: 


Companies must register at least 25 employees in Fort4Fitness Spring Cycle, Fall Festival, Fantasy of Lights 5K/2K events to be established as a Fort4Fitness Corporate Connection and receive the previously listed incentives. 

Companies are responsible for the promotion of the Corporate Connection Program to its employees in order to reach the minimum number of registrations, but Fort4Fitness can help you get the word out to your employees!

contact information and resources

Contact us at or 260-760-3371 for more information or complete the application below. 

I have reviewed the Fort4Fitness Corporate Connection Program Summary and verify that our company will comply with the requirements of the F4F Corporate Connection Program. Fort4Fitness reserves all rights to accept or deny requests for Corporate Connections.