Race Change/Bib Transfer

Sometimes things don't go as planned! If you need to change your race distance or give your registration to someone else, you can do that.

Race Change

If you'd like to change the distance of the race you're registered for, you can complete a Race Change to do so. You can upgrade to a longer distance for a fee, or downgrade to a shorter distance at no cost. The deadline to complete a Race Change is Wednesday, Sept. 25th. See below for upgrade pricing.

Click here to upgrade or downgrade your race.

4 Mile to 10K: $17
4 Mile to Half Marathon: $32
4 Mile to Full Marathon: $42
10K to Half Marathon: $17
10K to Full Marathon: $27
Half Marathon to Full Marathon: $12

Bib Transfer

If for some reason you cannot attend the race you're registered for, you can transfer your registration to someone else. The new registrant will pay a $20 transfer-in fee. The deadline to complete a Bib Transfer is Sunday, Sept. 22nd.

Bib transfer instructions:

If you are registered for a race and want to transfer it to someone else, click here to transfer out of your race. You'll need to fill in your name and email, as well as the original transaction code that you received in your original confirmation email. Once this is done, you will receive an email with a 7-character transfer code. Give that code to the person who will be taking your registration. (Click here for the transfer out video tutorial.)

The new registrant will then click here to transfer into the race. They will need to choose the "$20 Transfer Into" option. With the 7-character transfer code provided by the original registrant, the new registrant can then complete their registration for the $20 fee. (Click here for the transfer in video tutorial.)

A new registrant can only transfer into the same race that the original registrant signed up for. For example, if a 10K registrant transfers out of their race, the new registrant can only transfer into the 10K.