Race Change/Bib Transfer

Sometimes things don't go as planned! If you need to change your race distance or give your registration to someone else, you can do that.

Race Change

If you'd like to change the distance of the race you're registered for, you can complete a Race Change to do so. You can upgrade to a longer distance for a fee, or downgrade to a shorter distance at no cost. The deadline to complete a Race Change is Wednesday, Sept. 23rd. See below for upgrade pricing.

Click here to upgrade or downgrade your race.

4 Mile to 10K: $17
4 Mile to Half Marathon: $32
4 Mile to Triple Crown: $75
10K to Half Marathon: $17
10K to Triple Crown: $65
Half Marathon to Triple Crown: $50

Bib Transfer

If for some reason you cannot attend the race you're registered for, you can transfer your registration to someone else. The new registrant will pay a $20 transfer-in fee. The deadline to transfer your bib online is Wednesday, Sept. 23rd.

You can also transfer your bib to a friend on-site at Packet Pick-Up, Friday Sept. 25th from noon - 8 PM at the Help Desk. If you will not be present for the on-site bib transfer, send an email to the new participant stating that they have your permission to take your bib. Your friend will then need to have that email in order to complete a Bib Transfer at the Help Desk.

A new registrant can only transfer into the same race that the original registrant signed up for. For example, if a 10K registrant transfers out of their race, the new registrant can only transfer into the 10K.