2020 Virtual Challenge

February 1st - February 29th

Are you starting to lose motivation on your New Year’s fitness resolution? You’re not alone! Thirty-three percent of New Year’s resolutioners are feeling the same way. The main reason resolutions fail is because people set their expectations too high. Starting slow and steady will increase your chances of success, and we want to help!

Join the Fort4Fitness 2020 Virtual Challenge to help you get back on track. Here’s how it works:

1. Select a goal distance for the month of February: 13. 1 miles (Half Marathon) or 26.2 miles (Marathon)
2. Log your miles. Fort4Fitness will email you a log sheet to help you keep track. It’s good to have a visual reminder of where you are with your progress to help keep you motivated and moving forward!
3. When you’ve completed your goal distance, upload your log sheet at fort4fitness.org.
4. We’ll mail you your hard-earned bling! 

The cost is $20, which includes your medal and log sheet. The profits from the 2020 Virtual Challenge will go toward providing Fall Festival Kids Marathon scholarships. In 2019, over 350 local kids were able to participate free of charge, thanks to F4F patrons.

Don’t put it off! Take your first step today and get registered for the F4F 2020 Virtual Challenge.

Registration opened January 15th and will close on February 7th. All participants that complete their goal distance and submit their miles will be mailed a 2020 Virtual Challenge finisher medal during the first week of March!