Seniors Marathon


In a normal year, the Final Mile event would be held at the Home of the TinCaps the night before our Saturday races. With the in-person Fall Festival event being cancelled due to coronavirus concerns, the kids and seniors final event will look different this year.

Since the Final Mile event is on a much smaller scale than the Fall Festival Saturday races, we still hope to hold a Final Mile event for kids and seniors. We are currently working with our committee to come up with a plan that is safe for participants and their families. Once we determine the best course of action, all participants will be notified.


Seniors marathon

You can walk or run a total of 26.2 miles, a full marathon distance, throughout the summer! Each walker/runner will be at a different level — and that’s perfectly fine! The goal is to get in at least one to two miles each week so that by Sept. 25th, you only have 1.2 miles to complete during the Final Mile celebration. The Seniors Marathon can help you stay on track with your goal. It includes organized walking tours, combining exercise and fun. The walks are held in various locations around the city throughout the summer. Click here for a quick video overview of the program.

The Fort4Fitness Seniors Marathon is sponsored by Lutheran Health Network and is a program that is open to anyone 50 years or better.

Check out the Activity Conversion Chart to see other ways to rack up your miles!



T-shirts, training logs, and goody bags can be picked up at any of the walking tours listed below.


Participants must be registered to participate in the walking tours and the Final Mile.

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