PNC Endorses Corporate Connection Program

What Does Corporate Connection Mean for Your Company?

The Fort4Fitness Corporate Connection program allows companies to connect with their community, their employees, and even the families of their employees. Not only is it a great way to support health and wellness within the company, but it’s also a helpful marketing tool for your business. F4F was able to partner with 27 local businesses in 2019, providing hundreds of employees with free or discounted fitness event registrations throughout the year.

PNC Bank has been a part of Fort4Fitness for several years as a sponsor, and in 2019, they made the decision to sign on as a Corporate Connection as well. Corinna Ladd, PNC’s Regional President for northern Indiana, spoke to the benefits of the Corporate Connection program as a company and as a community partner.


Why did PNC become a Corporate Connection in 2019?

As an advocate for the physical, financial and personal wellness of our employees, customers and communities, PNC has supported Fort4Fitness because it aligns with our corporate strategy to encourage runners, walkers and cyclists of all ages and abilities to participate.  As a regional community event, this allows for our PNC employees across northern Indiana to either participate with their families or cheer on and support those involved. 

In what ways did the program benefit PNC employees?

To inspire healthy living amongst our workforce, PNC offers wellness incentives to employees for participating in race events. Many of the employees who signed up use the race as a springboard to launch their physical fitness goals. This year, the event happened to take place during an internal PNC “Market Challenge” where employees in northern Indiana were able to tally points for physical activity competing against peers in other PNC markets.  Our participation in Fort4Fitness helped our regional team finish top amongst PNC peers nation-wide. 

In what ways did the program benefit PNC as a company?

As the starting line sponsor for several years now, we have witnessed the growth and success of Fort4Fitness and how it has brought families and the community together to promote good health and wellness. The event generates opportunities for PNC to connect outside of the office, inspiring our employees to run, jog or walk, or to volunteer and create PNC cheer cards to support participants, engage visitors with activities at the PNC booth or stand along the route to hand out water. 

Would you encourage other companies to become Corporate Connections in 2020? Why or why not?

Fort4Fitness is a family-friendly event that helps boost visibility for Fort Wayne and brings together local stakeholders who, together, can positively impact the local economy and health of customers, employees and their families. The opportunities for corporate visibility with Fort4Fitness has allowed us to strengthen existing client relationships and create new ways to introduce our brand to future customers – a strategy applicable to any company wishing to create the same outreach.

Any other comments?

We’re proud to be part of a broad effort which generates positive visibility for Fort Wayne and the northeast Indiana region.  We appreciate all that the collective sponsors, volunteers and other corporate connections participants do to make Fort4Fitness a success every year.  When communities come together, we all prosper. 


The Corporate Connection program allows for a company to cover the cost of employee registrations into Fort4Fitness events while enjoying other perks of the program along the way. This provides employees the opportunity to kickstart or to continue their health/fitness journeys with the support of their employers, coworkers, and families. The program is just one way for companies to demonstrate to their employees that they care. If you are interested in the program for your business, visit our Corporate Connection page for more information.

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