Marathon in Fort Wayne

A marathon!?
Yes, a marathon—the first marathon in Fort Wayne in over two decades.

In late 2015, due to popular demand and the previous success of the Triple Crown (all 3 distances on race day – 10K, Half Marathon and 4 Mile), Fort4Fitness decided to add a 26.2 mile distance to the Fall Festival lineup.

The trend started to show up on the annual post-race survey basically since Fort4Fitness began in 2008. Participants were asking when Fort4Fitness was going to consider a marathon for Fort Wayne. At Fort4Fitness, we saw the obvious drawbacks to adding 26.2 miles (twice as long obviously as the current longest distance of 13.1 miles) because of the necessary added course support, police support and additional road closures. So the idea was postponed every year.

In 2014, we added the Double Play and Triple Crown race options. Those registering for the Double Play could choose two races to compete in while the Triple Crown runners chose to participate in all three to run a total of 23.3 miles. These runners came across the finish line for a race and were then routed back to the start line to get ready for the next race. We applauded these dedicated participants and rewarded them with a medal from each race, a shirt for each race and amenities in between their races. In 2014, 37 people registered for the Triple Crown and in 2015 that number almost tripled to 109. With the growing popularity and success, it was decided that 2016 was the year to finally introduce the marathon.

By adding a 26.2 mile course, Fort4Fitness participants are given the option of setting a new goal to complete this impressive accomplishment. The marathon participants will get a special long sleeve shirt and a shiny marathon medal.

The Inaugural Fort4Fitness Marathon is exciting for the Fort Wayne community and surrounding communities, and even if you aren’t a runner or have no intention of ever running a marathon, we ask that you to join us in this celebration of fitness and support those who choose to run this ultimate distance, or for any races that day. Come out on race day and cheer the runners on along the course and join in on the fun. Spectators and entertainment are key motivators for race participants. And if you do plan to run, register now! The registration fee for the Marathon is $65 before May 2nd, and then the price increases as race day draws closer.

So here we are, a marathon in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Come celebrate with us!

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