Fortitude Challenge - Round Two

Four workouts a week. Ten weeks. Local instructors. Will you take on the challenge??

125 people participated in the Fortitude Challenge the first time around. They got to experience three full-body workouts a week, plus a special Saturday workout that featured different types of body movement: yoga, kickboxing, Barre, etc. And with all the instructors being local, they got to "test out" different trainers, gyms, and studios before deciding if they wanted to commit to a membership somewhere!

If you missed it the first time, you're in luck. The exact same Fortitude Challenge is opening for a second round! For just $45, you'll get four different workouts a week sent directly to your email. (Plus three F4F resistance bands to intensify your workouts!)

See what some of our participants had to say about the Challenge:


Brent & Melissa

"I really like it! I’ve done every one and have gotten Melissa to join me on a few. I got her to join me for Zumba last weekend, and I feel like she was laughing at me the entire time, so I’m not sure how to take that! It’s safe to say I’ve never done anything like that before, but I embraced it, REALLY tried to bring the energy for that one, and if I didn’t know what to do or felt uncoordinated I just tried to keep bouncing and moving and was dripping at the end of it! I think my Fitbit had me at over 5,000 steps just for the 45 minutes of that workout! 

I feel like it’s exactly what I needed. We weren’t going to go back to the Y for a bit yet; I’ve got some dumbbells and workout videos I usually do in the basement, but I’ve done them all a bunch and wasn’t feeling another round of Insanity this winter, so this is just the type of different I think I needed!"



"Kickboxing? Who knew I would like that! Workout 3 done!"



"I love HIIT workouts! This was so good. The cool down was amazing afterwards. What a great way to close a stressful week!"



"Eyeball sweat? So that’s a thing, who knew! I signed up to try something new, challenge myself and get a little healthier along the way. If you know me, you know I am not an athlete, but I’ll give it a try. So far this week I’ve done a HIIT, an EMOM and today tried kickboxing. Kickboxing was amazing, I would never be brave enough to walk into a kickboxing gym and give it a try."

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