Fort4Fitness runner: Running to honor his mom

Half marathon finisher Kyle Williams shared his journey of how running helped him in his healing in the wake of loss. Here's the story, from WANE15.

Kyle Williams was never into running. When his mother died in April of last year, he needed a way to cope.

After finding out his mother took her own life, he signed up for the Pink Ribbon Mother's Day run, then a Tough Mudder, and finally Fort4Fitness 2017.

He says it was during Fort4Fitness that he felt like he could hear his mother cheering him on in the stands of Parkview Field as he ran across the finish line.

This year Williams is looking forward to the run. Williams said he's going to, "Go out there and enjoy myself, say hi to as many people as I can in my own way, just kinda wave or smile because the environment there is just great."

Throughout his running journey he has found that just taking the next step will get you through any trial.

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