Achieving Marathon Dreams

Andrew T. has been an on-and-off runner his whole life. He had a desire to run a marathon, but things kept coming up that interfered: a new role at work, a baby, a serious ankle injury. 

Then at the end of last year, he realized he needed to make a change. "I was overweight: 285 pounds, sedentary and simply out of shape. I was showing the signs of that fact at the doctors office...high blood pressure, poor liver function, pre-diabetes. I decided to do something about it," Andrew says.

Andrew started working out and actively trying to lose weight. "I did a few test laps to see how my ankle would hold up," he says. "I was tolerating everything well, even though I could barely run a quarter of a mile before needing to catch my breath. Once I got to where I made it through three miles, my old goal of a marathon came back."

Since the beginning of his training at the end of December 2018, Andrew has shed 95 pounds. At 44 years old, the 2019 Fort4Fitness Fall Festival will be his first half marathon race. "That's couch to half marathon in 10 months. I feel pretty good about that," he says.

Andrew is scheduled to run the Caramel Marathon in the spring, and he will be running the marathon distance for Fort4Fitness next year.


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