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Are there maps of the courses?

Yes, you can find course maps here. These maps are tentative and are not final until we have received approval from the City of Fort Wayne

Can friends and family run with me?

Yes, ONLY if they are officially registered for the race, have signed the liability waiver and are wearing a race bib. Only registered race participants are permitted on the course.

The only exception to this is during the Kids Marathon and the Senior Marathon "Final Mile" when parents or other assistant or aide may participate without separate registration

Is the course certified?

The Marathon, Half Marathon, and 10K course will be certified by USATF/RRCA

Is the course open to walkers?

Yes. However, you must complete the course before the cut off time. The marathon must be completed in 6 hours or less (13 minute and 45 second per mile pace), Half Marathon participants must complete the 13.1 miles in 4 hours or less (18 minute 18 second per mile pace), 10K participants must be complete the 6.2 miles in 125 minutes or less (20 minute per mile pace) and 4 Mile participants in 80 minutes or less (20 minute per mile pace). If participants are not able to maintain the required pace, they will be asked to stop and be transported back to the finish line by race officials

Is the course safe?

Yes. We do our very best and keep participant safety at the top of our priority list.

Fort4Fitness is proud to provide the following to ensure the course is as safe as possible:

  • Working with the City of Fort Wayne to have clean streets
  • Working with the police department to help with vehicular traffic
  • Utilizing Amateur Radio Emergency Services along the course
  • Clearly marked signs to help direct participants
  • Many water/aid stations and hundreds of volunteers along the course
  • An extensive EMS plan that includes ambulatory service, roving course marshals, and medical staff at strategic locations
What additions will be made for the Marathon?

We will be adding a water station along Baker Street that will be unique to the marathon runners. We will be adding volunteers to cover that water station along with the small stretch of the marathon course that does not overlap with the other Fort4Fitness races.

To create the full 26.2 distance, an additional loop will be added to the start of the race. Runners will begin to run the 4 Mile route but will turn right on Hoagland off of Packard. They will reconnect to the 4 mile course once they reach Pontiac. Adding this loop gives the correct distance to reach the full 26.2

What if a marathon runner comes to the start line intersection right when the next race is starting?

There will be a “Marathon Lane” that will run along Baker Street and make the turn down Harrison Street. This will allow them to not be affected by the mass start if such is occuring at the time they arrive at that point.

What pace is required to complete the marathon?

Runners will have 6 hours to complete the course. To finish in 6 hours, a 13 minute and 45 second per mile pace is required. The course will no longer be closed after 6 hours. 

In the event you do not make the course cut off time, the course will open back up to traffic and no longer be closed. So at this time, runners would need to move to the sidewalks and obey pedestrian rules.

Where are the water/aid stations along the course?

The water/aid stations are shown on the course map.

Will the Fort4Fitness Marathon be a Boston Qualifier?

The 2016 Fort4Fitness Mararthon currently meets all the requirements to become a Boston Qualifier. We are in the process of certifying our course thorough USATF. Once certified, Fort4Fitness will begin the application process to become a Boston Qualifier.


I want to volunteer, what do I do?

Great! It takes over 1,000 volunteers to make Fort4Fitness happen. There are many different opportunities to volunteer not only on the festival weekend but also in the days and weeks leading up to the Fort4Fitness. Check out our Volunteer page or contact volunteer@fort4fitness.org.

Race Weekend

Are there awards?

Yes, there will be awards based on age and finish time for the Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K, and 4 Mile races.

Overall awards are based on gun-to-chip time for the published race. Age group awards are based on chip-to-chip time.

Awards are given to the top three male and female finishers in the following categories/ age groups for each race distance: Overall Wheelchair, Overall Open; Overall Masters (40+); 14 and Under; 15-19; 20 to 24; 25 to 29; 30 to 34; 35 to 39; 40 to 44; 45 to 49; 50 to 54; 55 to 59; 60 to 64; 65 to 69; 70 to 74; 75 to 79; 80 and Over.

For the 2016 RRCA National Championship 10K, there are 8 separate awards: Male and Female Open, Male and Female Masters (40+), Male and Female Grandmasters (50+) and Male and Female Senior Grandmasters (60+).

Can I let someone else participate wearing my race number?

No. For insurance and liability purposes we do not allow anyone who is not properly registered to run in our event. The bib number worn must correspond with the name of the registrant. But you may transfer your bib number to someone else (or vice versa) using our bib transfer process.

Can I wear headphones during the race?

We strongly recommend not wearing headphones.

Fort4Fitness’ position on headphone use is now as follows:

Fort4Fitness is an event that brings people together to share a common endeavor. At times race officials may need to relay important instructions for participants to hear, we are STRONGLY recommending against the use of headphones, but we will not be officially prohibiting their use. Please exercise caution and remain alert to your surroundings if you choose to wear headphones. Also, promptly remove your headphones if race officials (e.g. course marshals, police, etc.) are communicating information.

Does Fort4Fitness have a Gear Check service?

Yes. Gear Check is open from 6:00 AM - 1:00 PM on race day (Saturday, October 1, 2016) and is located on the first base side of the concourse level of Parkview Field in the batting cages. A Gear Check tag is provided with your race number. For safety and security purposes we do not accept luggage or similar style bags. Please use a clear or plastic grocery bag.

Contact race@fort4fitness.org if you have left behind any items after the race.

Must I wear my race number?

Yes, please make sure your race number is visible from the front at all times. People will not be allowed in the starting area, served at the water stations or allowed onto the Parkview Field playing field unless they are displaying a race number

What time do the Fort4Fitness races start?

The 2016 start times are:

Marathon: 7:00 AM
10k: 7:30 AM
Half Marathon: 8:30 AM
4 Mile: 10:30 AM

Please plan on being at the starting area a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the start of your race. Please also allow plenty of additional time for travel, traffic and parking.

What will the weather be like on race day?

The normal high in late September/ early October in Fort Wayne, Indiana is 72 degrees and normal low is 48 degrees

When and where is Packet Pick-Up?

Packet Pick-Up is at Parkview Field on Friday, September 30, 2016 from 12 PM to 8 PM.

Packet Pick-Up on Saturday morning will be allowed if you have circumstances that prevent you from picking up your race packet on Friday night. You must view the rules for using the Race-Day Packet Pickup form and fill it out here.

You may pick up another participant's packet if you bring a copy of their bib confirmation email with you (or have it with you on your smartphone).

Groups of six or more individuals can qualify for group packet pick up. The Group Packet Pick-Up form can be accessed here.

When will online results be available? Will they be posted on this website?

The unofficial race results will also be posted online on event day. A link to results will be available on the home page of the website and on the Runner Tracking and Results page. Official results will be posted within 10 days of the event.

Where are the start and finish lines?

All races share the same start and finish lines. The start line is just north of the intersection of Baker and Harrison Streets in downtown Fort Wayne. The finish line is at home plate of Parkview Field baseball stadium at the corner of Ewing and Brackenridge Streets

Where can I park?

Please check the travel and parking page of our web site for more information and parking tips. Carpooling is highly recommended


Are there refunds?

No. Entry fees are non-refundable.

Are wheelchairs welcome?

Yes. Competitive wheelchair athletes are welcome in all events! Competitive wheelchair athletes (those who will not obtain assistance from others during the race) will need to indicate that during registration. They will be assigned to the first corral and have the option of starting 5 minutes before the main field.

Non-competitive wheelchair participants who will be pushed by someone else may register for the 4 Mile Run/Walk or 10K Run/Walk and will be placed in the last corral. Only one registration fee is required that will cover both the non-competitive wheelchair participant and assistant. Just select the stroller/wheelchair option while registering for the 4 Mile or 10K and you can indicate both names on the form. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@Fort4Fitness.org.

Can I push a stroller?

Yes! Strollers will be allowed in the 4 Mile and 10K events in 2016. When registering for the 4 Mile or the 10K please indicate if you will be walking or jogging with the stroller

Can I run in more than one Fort4Fitness race on Saturday?

Runners are able to run in multiple events throughout the day. This is no longer a registration option. Participants will need to register for both races individually

Can I transfer my registration to another person?

Yes! All transfers will happen online during registration. To complete the transfer process the receiver of the registration will need to obtain the confirmation code from the original registrant. This will be a code that begins with a Q or M followed by 6-7 numbers. Then register online as usual. The code will be entered before the payment information. The transfer fee is $20.

Can people still do the Double Play?

No this is no longer a registration option. Double Play is the same concept as the previous Triple Crown. Runners will be able to run 2 races on race day if they choose to. These runners have the option to do this on their own by registering for the 3 races. These runners will get 2 bibs, 2 finisher medals and 2 shirts (one for each race). Fort4Fitness will not be responsible for getting the runners back to the start line like previous years. Runners will have to switch bibs in between races. Start line timing mats will still be in place for 30 minutes following the start of each race to allow for runners in multiple races.

Can people still do the Triple Crown?

No this is no longer a registration option. Runners are able to run all 3 races on race day if they choose to. These runners have the option to do this on their own by registering for the 3 races. These runners will get a total of 3 bibs, 3 finisher medals and 3 shirts (one for each race). Fort4Fitness will not be responsible for getting the runners back to the start line like previous years. Runners will have to switch bibs in between races. Start line timing mats will still be in place for 30 minutes following the start of each race to allow for runners in multiple races

How do I register for the race?

Fall Festival > Participant Info > Get Registered

How late can I register?

For information on 2016 registration dates and pricing click here.

I’ve changed my mind about pushing a stroller/wheelchair in the 4 Mile Walk. What should I do?

If you registered to push a stroller and have changed your mind, that’s perfectly fine. Just show up on race day without the stroller. If you would like to “add” a stroller, please contact info@Fort4Fitness.org if prior to the week of the race. If you decide to "add" a stroller race week, please visit the Help Desk during packet pickup

Is it possible to switch from one race to another (for example the 4 mile race to the half-marathon)

Fort4Fitness offers the ability for you to switch online from one race to another (called a "race switch"). Please use the Fall Festival Participant Race Switch online form. After the deadline of 9/9/16, if you do wish to switch races, you may do so on-site at Packet Pick-up. Please pick up your original packet for the race you registered for and then go to the Help Desk by Packet Pick-up to ask about switching to a different race and they will assist you in doing so there.

Depending on the type of switch, there could be a fee associated with the switch (for example, an upgrade in races), but for some switches there is no fee (downgrades).

Is there seeding? If so, how do I get seeded?

No, we do not offer any special seeding option. Corral assignments are based upon the information (anticipated finish time) provided by the participant at the time of registration. If due to your training you would like to adjust your anticipated finish time, please contact info@Fort4Fitness.org

What are the registration caps for each race?

4 Mile Run/Walk - 3,500
10K Run/Walk - 2,500
Half Marathon - 3,000
Marathon - 1,000

Why are races being capped?

Setting a maximum number of participants for each races allows for more thorough pre-planning for the event. This will create an overall better experience for runners and walkers.

Will I receive a registration confirmation?

Yes. If you register online you should receive a confirmation email shortly after completing the registration process. Contact info@fort4fitness.org for any further questions